Custom Physics and VFX To Add Feeling To A Game

For this challenge, I received a 2D platformer scene and was given a few hours to complete these three tasks:

  1. Make the player character feel “heavy” in its movements.
  2. Enhance the spikes to convey danger to the player.
  3. Transform the pressure pad into a fun and positive experience for the player to interact with.


WASD To Control The Player

(Fullscreen button is on the bottom right corner)


WASD To Control The Player

(Fullscreen button is on the bottom right corner)


To create the desired “heavy” feel for the player character, I implemented custom physics in the player mover script that increased the gravity and friction values, as realistic physics did not convey the intended effect. I also incorporated visual indicators to convey the impression of the player character struggling to move due to increased weight. In addition, I utilized various sprites that simulate damage to the environment when the player impacts it, thereby emphasizing the character’s heaviness. The use of particles helped to further communicate the impression of the player’s falls and movement affecting the environment.

I had the challenge of adjusting the gravity and friction so that the player felt heavy, but I also had to make sure the player could still jump between the same platforms.

For the spikes obstacle, I utilized visual cues such as a red color scheme and added effects to instantly communicate the danger to the player upon touching it.

To transform the pressure pad into a fun and positive experience, I turned it into a jump pad that launches the player into the air. I also incorporated particles and animations to provide visual feedback to the player, making it a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


During this project, I utilized my skills in game development, physics implementation, and visual design to improve the gameplay experience of the 2D platformer scene. Specifically, I demonstrated proficiency in coding custom physics in the player mover script, incorporating visual indicators to communicate the character’s weight, and utilizing particles and animations to enhance the player’s interactions with the game elements.


The final product resulted in a significant improvement to the gameplay experience of the 2D platformer scene. The use of visual cues on the spikes effectively communicated the danger to the player. Additionally, the transformation of the pressure pad into a jump pad provided a fun and satisfying interaction for the player.


Through this project, I learned the importance of balancing realism and fun in game development. While realistic physics may accurately simulate certain aspects of movement and interaction, it may not always create the desired player experience. Therefore, I had to use my creativity and problem-solving skills to implement custom physics and visual indicators that conveyed the intended effect. This project also taught me the value of user experience testing and feedback, as it allowed me to make adjustments and improvements based on player reactions and suggestions.

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