Some Of My Projects

Random Dungeon Generation Using BSP Trees

In this project, I developed a simple method to generate a basic dungeon using a Binary Space Partition (BSP) tree. The goal was to create an algorithm that recursively divides a rectangular dungeon into smaller sub-dungeons until each one reaches the desired size of a room.

Source is on my GitHub

Some Of The Games I Made

A page showcasing some games I’ve worked on and released.

Custom Physics and VFX To Add Feeling To A Game

A breakdown of how I successfully tackled the challenge of transforming a game within a few hours, following a set of rules, to accomplish 3 tasks:

  1. Make the player character feel “heavy”
  2. Enhance the spikes to convey danger to the player.
  3. Transform the pressure pad into a fun experience.

Click here to play both versions!

Using A Stencil Shader To Spawn Enemies

A breakdown of how I used a custom stencil shader and URP’s forward renderer features to create the illusion of objects appearing out of nowhere.

Hyper-Casual “Arcade Idle” Genre Study

A showcase of a modular prototype I built, and a study on how to achieve success when making arcade-idle games.

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